Your Whole Home Drinks.

McPherson’s Water Made Better by Culligan

In areas all across the country, people are drinking water from their tap.  Regardless of where they are, their water is coming from one of a few sources: surface water sources, groundwater sources, or a combination of the two.  In McPherson, your water comes from a groundwater source called the Equus Beds.  They are a group of underground wells that we draw our municipal water from.  Because we’re using groundwater, it is important to know how it could affect ourselves, and our homes.

Groundwater, or water serviced by underground wells or aquifers, has been known to cause water problems that are different than the ones experienced by people serviced with surface water.  The most common complaints about groundwater are the results of hard water.  Water gains hardness as it seeps through the earth and picks up minerals such as iron and sulfur.  These dissolved minerals can cause headaches throughout your house.  Symptoms of hard water can include white buildup around your plumbing fixtures, rust-colored stains in your sinks or tub, and bad tastes and smells in your drinking water.

Wherever your water comes from, you can feel comfortable with water from Culligan of McPherson. Culligan International has over 80 years of water treatment experience, in addition to employing local personnel.  This home-grown workforce brings local knowledge about the specific water problems that plague our area. Regardless of your location, your local water source, or your home’s specific water problems, Culligan has a customized solution to make you – and your home – happier.